Mallets / Hammers

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Mallets & Hammers are used for mixed purposes in a variety of different industries. Most commonly known for use in the building and construction industry for demolishion and crafting, mallets and hammers are also popular within general DIY.


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White Rubber Mallet


When to Use:

- Fitted with an ultra high, molecular weighted polythene head and
wooden handle makes the white rubber mallet ideal for use within
industrial sectors. This semi-hard rubber mallet gives a gentle but firm
blow with little rebound and performs excepetionally well on exterior
outdoor projects and also under damp conditions. The white rubber is
non-marking and will not discolour or leave marks on the work surface.
Used as a general purpose mallet in the automative, industrial, brewery,
DIY and camping, garden landscaping and work site industries when hard
materials such as slabs, patio tiles etc need to be layed.

FIG 1:
The above example depicts a white rubber
mallet being used for the installation of ceramic
wall tiles. With a gentle tap, tiles can be pushed
firmly into the adhesive as the white rubber is
non-marking, leaving no residue on the fitted tiles.

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