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Manual Tile Cutters are capable of cutting through ceramic tiles by utilising a score and snap function. They are available in a vast range of different sizes to accomodate different sized tiles and are easily portable for use around the work area.

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Industrial Top Line Tile Cutter with Folding Stand

When to Use:

- A superior quality single rail, ball bearing tile cutting machine with a die
cast base, heavy duty rubber pads, adjustable measuring gauge and an
aluminium leverage handle with plastic grip. Highly recommended for
cutting through ceramic, porcelain and granite wall and floor tiles.

- Download Info Sheet (PDF File)

How to Use:

What you'll need:-

- Top Line Industrial Tile Cutter
- Tungsten Carbide Blade / Cutting Wheel
- Tiles (Ceramic, Porcelain, Granite etc)
- Protective Goggles / Glasses
- Rasp and File (Optional)
- Rubbing Block (Optional)
- China Pencil
- Tilers Square (Optional)
- Tile Nippers

1) Before beginning to cut the tile, use a Bright Ideas China Pencil to mark out where the tile will be cut. For marking straight lines or angles use a Bright Ideas Tilers Square for extra precision.

2) Once the tile has been marked up, place the tile onto the bed of the tile cutting machine and line it up against the arrow. In order to stabilize the tile to prevent it from moving, press and secure the guide against the tile to clamp it firmly in place.

3) To score the tile proceed to place the cutting wheel on the outside edge of the tile and lightly push down, pulling the cutting wheel towards you to score the tile.

4) To successfully break the tile along the score line, pull down on the handle of the tile cutting machine until it is on top of the tile. Press down on the handle with a small amount of pressure to snap the tile.

5) Repeat steps 1 to 4 for all subsequent tiles that need to be cut.

6) For cutting awkward shapes into tiles, please resort to using a pair of Bright Ideas Tile Nippers (CTG402 / CTG462 / CTG404 / CTG403).

Fig 1:
The image above shows a close up of the Top
Line Industrial Tile Cutting Machine cutting through
a ceramic tile. A top range cutter that is also able
to cut through porcelain and granite wall and
floor tiles.

Fig 2:
An image displaying the Top Line Industrial
Tile Cutter with its folding stand accessory.
The folding stand adds reasonable height allowing you to cut tiles in a standing position reducing back strain.

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