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Along with the rest of hand tools that The Bright Ideas Co (UK) Ltd have to offer, chisels are another group of hand held tools that fall under this category.


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Tiling Chisel, Carbide Tipped


When to Use:

- This chisel is made from high quality steel that increases its strength
and durability, allowing it to withstand high impacts from hammers and
other clubbing objects when dressing and chasing masonry work. The
carbide tipped blade has been designed to last longer for better
performance, offering cleaner cuts on tougher materials. The design of
the chisel tip also makes it useful for easily removing ceramic tiles from

How to Use:

1) Draw a line on the stone with a Bright Ideas China Pencil, creating a guide line for where you want to make the cut. It is recommended that a perfectly straight line is drawn to make it much simpler
to know where to place the chisel.

2) Hold the chisel in one hand and tap on the handle with a Bright Ideas Claw Hammer. Any unwanted edges can be cut through or shaven off using this technique.

3) Make repeated small, soft taps on the chisel when cutting through larger pieces of stone. Perform this action on both sides of the stone following the line you drew. Eventually the stone should break apart, as iy is recommended you take your time during this process so the cut remains as even as possible.

4) Strike the chisel harder for smaller objects such as bricks. Using a Bright Ideas Claw Hammer, one good blow should be able to cut through leaving a straight line.

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Tiling Chisel, Carbide Tipped
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Tiling Chisel, Carbide Tipped
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