Tile Shaping Tools
Sometimes after cutting tiles, a rough edge is left behind that doesn't sit well with the final decorative appearance. This can be quickly amended with a tile shaping tool to smooth the edges of the tiles for a crisp and fine delicate edge.


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Rasp & File Professional - Curved


When to Use:

- A professional grit coated, tungsten carbide file that is used to smooth
down rought surfaces on both ceramic tiles and marble. The flat face
makes it suitable for creating straight shapes. The ribbed handle provides
extra support and comfort for prolonged use.

How to Use:

What you'll need:-

- Rasp and File (Curved)
- Ceramic Tile
- Ratchet Speed Clamp (Optional)
- Workbench (Optional)

1) Secure the tile/material with the vice that is provided with the Bright Ideas Workbench & Vice or use a Bright Ideas 6" Ratchet Speed Clamp

2) Select the required rasp to be used keeping in mind the coarseness of the teeth

3) Hold the handle of the rasp in your right hand and use your left hand to direct the angle of the rasp

4) To shape the tile/material, hold the rasp at a right angle and apply pressure to the forward stroke, letting the rasp run smoothly across the edge of the tile/material. Lift slightly before returning

5) To shape a curved edge, proceed to utilize the round side of the rasp, adding a slight twisting action to the forward stroke.

FIG 1:
The above image shows a tiler smoothing off the rough edges of a ceramic tile using the rasp and file.

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