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Along with the rest of hand tools that The Bright Ideas Co (UK) Ltd have to offer, chisels are another group of hand held tools that fall under this category.


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Professional Bolster


When to Use:

- The professional bolster is manufactured to British standards with a
hardened cutting edge, ideal for cutting, scoring and trimming brick and
blockwork. Fitted with an impact absorbing hand protection grip that
helps reduce vibrations from affecting the wrist and elbow during high
impacts. Also suitable for general DIY tasks such as the removal of
wall tiles and adhesive etc...

How to Use:

What you'll need:-

- Professional Bolster
- Club Hammer

1) Place the spatula end of the chisel inbetween the small rim that connects the back of the tile to the wall

2) Hold the chisel firmly in your hand and using a Bright Ideas Club Hammer, tap the end of the chisel

3) Repeatedly tap the chisel, allowing it to smoothly scrape down the back of the tile and eventually removing it from the wall.

FIG 1:
The above image shows the tile remover being used to remove tiles from off of a wall. The blade can be seen smoothly sliding behind the tile with a club hammer ready to strike down to easily remove the tile from the wall.

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