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Tapes are a common DIY utility and are extremely popular in multiple industries including building and construction. Their functionality differs depending on the circumstances with some tapes being used for crafting while others are used for
marking danger zones.

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PVC Hazzard Tape - Yellow / Black
50mm x 33m


When to Use:

- A self adhesive, hardwearing safety tape for marking out hazardous areas, fire equipment, first aid points and also ideal for lane marking. The contrasting diagonally coloured striped lines increase visibility of the tape
so that locations and objects can easily be identified as 'hazardous'.

FIG 1:
Barrier Tape and PVC Hazard Tape act as a highly visible warning sign. The contracting colours clearly stand out in areas highlighting danger zones, particulary on worksites and construction
sites. Being self adhesive, it can also be stuck to walls and floors, even stairs to.

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