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For jobs that require a lot more power, The Bright Ideas Co (UK) Ltd offer a number of power tools that are well equipped to make jobs a whole lot simpler.

Multi-Function Tool - 180w


When to Use:

- The Multi-Function Tool is a versatile multi-purpose tool with scraping,
sanding and cutting heads with quick change attachments for quick and
easy tool free changing between sanding and sawing. It has a soft grip
handle and electronic speed control for precise control and handling.
Ideal for glued carpets, filling compound residues, old paint and other
similar applications.

FIG 1:
The above image shows the Multi-Function Tool
being used to sand the edges of a small hole
carved into a piece of wood. It can also be
used for grinding and sawing materials including
plastics and iron.

FIG 2:
A closer look at the Multi-Function Tool sanding the sides of a hole carved into the
piece of wood. This closer look shows the
smoothness of the sanding process, leaving
no jagged edges or roughness on the sides.

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