Mallets / Hammers

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Mallets & Hammers are used for mixed purposes in a variety of different industries. Most commonly known for use in the building and construction industry for demolishion and crafting, mallets and hammers are also popular within general DIY.


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Masons Hammer


When to Use:

- This masonry hammer has been specifically designed with a one-piece
forged construction for increased strength and durability. The grooved
rubber grip handle reduces vibrations transmitted to the wrist and elbow,
helping to increase user comfort. The blade has a hardened cutting edge
for scoring material before striking for an even and clean cut. A perfect
hammer for any type of masonry, stone or brick based project.

How to Use:

1) Draw a line with the Bright Ideas China Pencils to mark where you want to cut and shape the brick. Recommended that a ruler is used to keep the line strait and mark every side
of the brick.

2) Score the brick with the chisel end of the mason's hammer. Use small and controlled repeated taps--anything harder will prematurely damage the brick and make it worthless. Score each side of the brick to weaken the breaking point and make a clean break more likely to happen.

3) Hold the brick flat in your hand and safely strike the brick with the mason's hammer. It should break cleanly along the scored line.

4) Smooth the cut edges of the brick using the mason's hammer. This step is strongly recommended so that the brick doesn't end up toppling over later on in time.

FIG 1:
The grooved grip of the Masonry Hammer helps
to reduce vibrations hitting the wrist and elbow from striking downwards. In the example above,
the hammer is being lined up on where to strike
down on the stone block. Small repeated taps
should be used after the first initial hit to ensure
the block doesn't break.

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