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Tapes are a common DIY utility and are extremely popular in multiple industries including building and construction. Their functionality differs depending on the circumstances with some tapes being used for crafting while others are used for
marking danger zones.

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Gaffer Tape - Black
50mm x 50m


When to Use:

- An extremely strong and versatile cloth tape which can easily be torn
and applied by hand during application. Ideally suited for packing, repairing, joining, sealing, fixing, protecting and reinforcing. Its excellent
adhesion qualities allow it to stick to a variety of surfaces including metal,
wood, concrete, glass, paper, plastic, fabric and carpet tiles etc.

Leaves little to no residue when peeled away.

FIG 1:
Gaffer Tape is used in a wide range of trades
and industries due to its multi-functional use and
benefits. As seen in the example above, the gaffer
tape is easily being torn by hand for quick application being used to tape down felting to a
bare wooden flooring. An excellent tape used
in and around the home and workplace.

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