Mallets / Hammers

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Mallets & Hammers are used for mixed purposes in a variety of different industries. Most commonly known for use in the building and construction industry for demolishion and crafting, mallets and hammers are also popular within general DIY.


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Claw Hammer


When to Use:

- The heat treated forged high carbon steel curved claw head is fully
polished and rim tempered for durability and safety. The fibreglass handle
absorbs shock and vibration and the textured rubber ensures a
comfortable, secure grip. The high visibility yellow makes the hammer safe and easy to locate in work areas.

Ideal for hammering and removing nails from wood, plastic and metal.

FIG 1:
A typical shot of a claw hammer being used to drive a nail directly into a piece of wood. A tool
that is commonly used through multiple trades and around the general home.

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