Pro Notch Trowels

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Offering premium quality in both design and handling, Pro Notch
Trowels give the user the upmost
highest quality possible when
laying tiles. They are easily
recognised by their traits which
include comfy grip TPR handles,
durable stainless steel blades
and rivet mounted frames for a firm and sold bond to the blade.

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Carbide Tipped Trowel Professional
10.5 x 4"


When to Use:

- A specially designed trowel for achieving a thick, solid base of adhesive beneath the combed area. Carbide tipped ensures longer lasting
performance on concrete floors.

- Download Notch Trowel Guide Info Sheet (PDF File)

How to Use:

What you'll need:-

- Notch Trowel
- Adhesive
- Bucket
- Tiles

Determine what size notched trowel you need. This is determined by the size of the tile, the surface to be tiled and the type of tile adhesive that you're using. The depth of the notched trowel should be two-thirds the thickness of the tile you are setting, i.e) if you're using a 6mm Notch Trowel the tile would be around 9/10mm in thickness.

2) Apply the tile adhesive to the substrate in a small area. Scoop out some tile adhesive from the adhesive bucket using the short end side of the notched trowel. Apply it onto the substrate.Then using the long, flat side of the notched trowel, smooth it out.

3) Use the short notched side of the trowel to apply additional tile adhesive. Comb the substrate area until the notches are full to determine that you have applied the correct depth of tile adhesive to the area.

4) Using a twisting action apply the tile to the tile adhesive.

FIG 1:
Notch trowels are essential tools needed for spreading adhesive during the installation of tiles on both wall and floor surfaces. It is also important to remember that depth of the notched trowel should always be 2/3's the thickness of the tile you are fixing - i.e) a 6mm trowel will benefit a tile at a thickness of 9 to 10mm.

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