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Along with the rest of hand tools that The Bright Ideas Co (UK) Ltd have to offer, chisels are another group of hand held tools that fall under this category.


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Brick Chisel
4 x 7"


When to Use:

- A one-piece, drop forged carbon steel brick chisel featured a hardened
and tempered blade with a domed mushroom head and hexagonal shank.
Features a bevelled ground cutting edge to facilitate clean cutting of
bricks and blocks etc...

How to Use:

1) Plan each of the cuts and splits that will be made. It is recommended you note down everything on paper so you know the exact dimensions of the cuts that need to be made. Measure the total space of the area you are paving. Divide this by the number of blocks that will be used so that a dimension can be calculated for each cut. Keep in mind of any corner or irregular blocks that you might need to cut.

2) Make sure you're using the right brick set for the job as brick sets come in various different lengths and widths. Using the dimensions you've already noted down as a guide, select the brick set that will make the right cut. General brick sets come in quarter-inch width gradations that run up to a few inches in width and around eight inches in blade length.

3) Score the stone. Before you create the cut, lightly score the brick or stone with the brick set. Create cutting lines with a Bright Ideas China Pencil, and then lightly tap the brick set along those lines, creating a guideline for where the chisel will cut. Do this for all cutting lines. Keep the taps light so you don't end up damaging the rock.

4) Make the cut. Once all the scores have been created, place the brick or stone on a flat, solid surface. Hold the brick set in one of the score lines, and then use a Bright Ideas Black/White Rubber Mallet to slam the end of the brick set's handle. The blow should be fast and strong enough to drive the brick set through the stone, creating a clean cut that doesn't do any damage to either the brick or the rest of the block.

FIG 1:
Chisels are useful in many jobs, particulary in
the removal of wall tiles and plaster. The above
image shows a plasterer using a chisel to begin the removal process, using a hammer to gently tap the chisel to easily remove the plaster.

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