Mallets / Hammers

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Mallets & Hammers are used for mixed purposes in a variety of different industries. Most commonly known for use in the building and construction industry for demolishion and crafting, mallets and hammers are also popular within general DIY.


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Black Rubber Mallet


When to Use:

- A single piece black rubber headed mallet with a self locking handle.
Used for general industrial use , the semi-hard rubber head gives a gentle
but firm blow with little rebound. Commonly used in the automative,
industrial, brewery, construction, DIY and camping trades / projects.

- Generally used when the marking of surfaces is not critical when
achieving the final finish.

FIG 1:
The Black Rubber Mallet as shown in the image
above, is an ideal tool for a majority of trades
and applications. As shown in FIG 1, the
semi-hard rubber head can be used to gently
tap the red brick into the cement without
disturbing the surface.

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