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For jobs that require a lot more power, The Bright Ideas Co (UK) Ltd offer a number of power tools that are well equipped to make jobs a whole lot simpler.

Angle Grinders are powerful cutting / grinding machines that could lead to unfortunate accidents if not used professionally. Always wear protective clothing when using angle grinders including safety goggles, protective gloves and dust masks.

Angle Grinder - 230v, 11 000rpm



- A small yet sturdy angle grinder for lighter cutting based projects. The
2-position side handle adds extra support for control when cutting through
materials such as stone, concrete and metal. The spindle lock allows
grinding discs to be replaced quickly and easily. The flat metal gear head
also allows for greater visibility of the work piece. Being smaller in scale this angle grinder is ideal for working in tighter and restricted areas.

When to Use:

- Features a 3-position side handle for improved balance and safety during cutting and grinding applications. Spindle lock allows quick and
problem free change of cutting discs. Recommended for cutting through
hard and versatile materials such as stone, concrete and metal etc...

How to Use:

What you'll need:-

- Angle Grinder
- Cutting Disc / Grinding Disc
- Safety Gloves
- Safety Goggles / Safety Glasses
- Workpiece (Stone block, concrete block etc)

1) Before beginning ensure the angle grinder is fitted with the correct cutting disc. It is strongly recommended that you use a cutting disc best suited for the job at hand such as an abrasion disc for cutting through steel, or a wire brush wheel for removing excess material such as paint or rust.

2) Clamp your work piece down firmly with a suitable clamp. This will ensure the work piece doesn't wobble around whilst using the angle grinder. When the work piece is clamped tightly in place power up the angle grinder. The cutting disc should be fully spinning before you begin to apply it to the workpiece.

3) Always keep a firm hold of the angle grinder when grinding / cutting by always using both hands at all times when applying it to your work piece. This will keep control of the angle grinder and reduce the risk of accidents.

4) When you are satisifed with the work piece gently lft up the angle grinder and let it power down before switching it off and storing it away in a safe place.

5) It is strongly recommended when working with a Bright Ideas Angle Grinder or any other type of machinery to always wear protective clothing. Always wear a pair of Bright Ideas Safety Goggles and a pair of Bright Ideas Quilted Gloves when using angle grinders. if the application involves dust, please use a Bright Ideas Dust Mask.

FIG 1:
The above image shows a Bright Ideas Angle Grinder in action, ready to start cutting through a solid concrete block. As you can see, a pair of safety gloves are worn to protect the hands.

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